Acton Consulting Ltd (ACL) is one of the leading IT solution providers for outsourcing and project management both in software development and network infrastructure setup in  Hong Kong and the PRC.

ACL has developed its technical expertise in various sectors, including manufacturing, famous events activities, logistics/transportation, hospitality, Government and public sector. The IT projects are also including:

  • Beijing Olympic game 2008
    • Equestrian game in Hong Kong
  • Asian Football game 2010
    • 5 stadiums and a Media Centre in Doha, Qatar, Middle East

Being widely recognized in the IT industry, We are able to identify, manage and deliver solutions specifically tailored for each client’s needs, which led the company to retain and attract new clients and establish a very strong customer base in both public and private sectors.

The IT services cover:

  • Project management
  • Application software development
  • Network infrastructure setup and migration
  • Structural cabling projects
  • System integration and consultancy